BUNGALO's mission is to improve the quality of life
and empower the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transgendered residents of Berwyn

Since 1995, BUNGALO's organizational mission has been and remains the following items:


  1. We too are Berwyn.
    One of the goals of BUNGALO is communication with and education of the people of Berwyn that gays and lesbians are an integral part of all aspects of the community
  2. Protection.
    The second goal is to ensure that all people, including gays and lesbians are protected from all forms of discrimination.
  3. Unity.
    A third goal of BUNGALO is to unite the gay and lesbian community of Berwyn for support and participation in cultural and social activities.


  1. Social - to provide social events such as dineouts and potluck dinners so that gays and lesbians in Berwyn can meet and socialize with each other.
  2. Political - to inform Bungalo members of candidates running for office and where they stand on issues important to gays and lesbians.
  3. Political - to facilitate an understanding of gay and lesbian issues to all governmental bodies.
  4. Lobbying - to lobby legislators for the passage of legislation that will provide equal rights for gays and lesbians.
  5. Visibility - to increase Bungalo's visibility and make people in Berwyn aware that gays and lesbians are part of this community.
  6. Lectures - to put on lectures that inform the gay community about issues important to gays and lesbians.